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Virginia Johnson


I was honored to photograph, Virginia Johnson, the artistic director of Dance Theatre of Harlem. Virginia has served as a role model for young black dancers and has exemplified American classical dancing. Over her years of performing, Virginia had the opportunity to perform for U.S. presidents Carter and Reagan.

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Jason Burke


I always have a fun time photographing the very talented comic/actor, Jason Burke. Of course, Stella found a way to sneak in there. She does have a soft spot for tall men.

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Crossfit Athletes

CO018-copy 1.33.48 PM CO080 1.33.48 PM CO108 1.33.48 PM CO145 1.33.48 PM CO161 1.33.48 PM CO166 1.33.48 PM

I’m always in awe of the dedication and drive an athlete brings to their training. These are images from a crossfit series I shot recently in Brooklyn for the crossfit gym. It was a great experience playing with the lighting in the dark box.

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Popular Mechanics


I’m thrilled with how this assignment turned out. I had quite the adventure traveling to Wisconsin to photograph this fascinating man. Scientist and Veterinarian Yoshihiro Kawaoka has been widely criticized for his flu pandemic prevention research. Popular Mechanics disagrees with critics and allows Yoshi to share his point of view. Check out the fantastic article, here.

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Dark and Mysterious


This is the beginning of an ongoing series of portraits, of the peeps I know. I call it, Dark and Mysterious. Catchy, I don’t know…maybe.

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Marc Jacobs, NYU Cancer Institute & Me

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 12.22.40 PM


Check out this video on Marc Jacobs’ website of my gallery show at NYU Langone Medical Center, http://www.marcjacobs.com/world-of-marc-jacobs/detail/8c61e3ad-0029-4294-b818-f52e4df313d0. The portraits of cancer survivors, wearing the Marc Jacobs tee shirts, are now hanging permanently in the NYU Cancer Institute.

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Feather Head



Years ago, I worked with the fabulous Erica Lytton Miles of 360 Beauty NYC to create these beautiful feather portraits. I was looking for a unique approach to beauty and found replacing the hair with feathers adds a fun element. Shortly after, I started working with vegetables for hair…

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