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Dr. Cheryl Pegus

dr. cheryl pegus

Dr. Cheryl Pegus, former Chief Medical Officer of Walgreen Co. Now, newly appointed Director of the Division of General Internal Medicine and Innovation. Born and raised in Trinidad. It was a real honor meeting and photographing Dr. Pegus.

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University of San Francisco

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Great seeing my USF ads on the streets of San Francisco.

President – Elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics


“One in five children in the U.S. lives in poverty…Pediatricians must speak out in unison and declare that childhood poverty is unacceptable.” Dr. Benard Dreyer, as president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, has five specificĀ goals laid out to help poor kids especially in early childhood. One major change will start inĀ the pediatrician’s office with the help of Reach Out and Read. Dr. Dreyer notes, “We give books to parents at every well child visit up to five years of age. Four million children are now getting books from pediatricians, and studies show that it advances language development.”

It was an honor meeting and photographing Dr. Benard Dreyer.

Young Lives



Portraits from work with YoungLivesHarlem. Many of the teen moms that I met, live in homeless shelters. YoungLives provides a lifeline to teen moms and their children. The United Sates consistently has the highest number of teenaged pregnancies in the developed world.