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NYU Athletes

NYUA_FAVS01 copy

NYUA_FAVS03 copy

NYUA_FAVS06 copy

NYUA_FAVS08 copy

NYUA_FAVS09 copy

NYUA_FAVS10 copy

NYUA_FAVS14 copy

NYUA_FAVS15 copy

NYUA_FAVS17 copy

NYUA_FAVS18 copy

NYUA_FAVS21 copy

NYUA_FAVS22 copy

NYUA_FAVS23 copy

NYUA_FAVS24 copy

NYUA_FAVS25 copy

NYUA_FAVS27 copy

NYUA_FAVS29 copy

NYUA_FAVS30 copy

NYUA_FAVS31 copyI really enjoyed working on this project with NYU Athletics. The athletes had fabulous attitudes and worked hard on set to get the shot. It was a fun shoot for everybody. I also had an opportunity to show off my terrible basketball skills.

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Lopez Brothers for Levis and Dime Magazine


Seeing the Lopez brothers compete against one another at the Barclays Center, last night, brings me back to when I photographed them on  NBA Draft day, for Levis and Dime Magazine. Brook is a stand up guy. All smiles!

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Ashley Yao



I enjoy revisiting old shoots to see how my perspective might change over time. These images were shot with professional model, Ashley Yao, on a very cold fall day at Pound Ridge reservation.

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bideawee Ad on Long Island

This is from another small round of bideawee shoots we did this winter. I love this organization and all their friends.


Bill Clinton for Samsung

It was a great honor photographing Bill Clinton for Samsung at CES. He is a charming man, I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face.