Monthly Archives: February 2013

Pepsi BCA Ads With Mark Sanchez

It was a great honor working with TracyLocke and Pepsi/Kroger to shoot the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign for a second year. With my mother being a survivor, I had an inside look of what these women had been through. I enjoyed every minute of photographing these women. They made me feel strong and beautiful. And working with Mark Sanchez again was a true pleasure. He is a wonderful man. As a surprise gift, he bought all the ladies tickets to a Broadway show!


Bar Portraits

bar1 bar3 bar4 bar5 bar6

This winter I worked on an interesting project with bar staff in the east village. I wanted to capture the fascinating people of the night. I say ‘the night’ because every single person was just waking up at 2pm to get ready for their all night shift.